Retail spending still going strong in 2014
Business | | 10. February, 2014

New Zealanders are not slowing down after the usual post Christmas shopping hangover. In fact, figures show that consumers in New Zealand are continuing to spend more and more on their credit cards and debit cards in the month of January, increasing spend by 7.8 percent year on year.

The figures have come from payment company Paymark who process over 75 percent of electronic transactions in New Zealand providing a good sample of data.

The figures are supported by increased confidence in the worldwide economy with the US employment figures showing continued strong growth and a stabalising of the issues in the European Union.

For New Zealand, there has been a steady increase in the number of tourists to the country which has really helped the hospitality industry. People are also spending more on eating out with food and beverage stores reporting a strong growth in sales.

The high confidence in the economy is expected to continue on through 2014.


Visiting Vienna
Travel | | 8. December, 2013

One of the most historic, beautiful and cultural cities in Europe is the city of Vienna. The city is the capital of Austria, made famous by the Sound of Music.

For a person visiting the city there are many wonderful and cultural things to do.

Firstly there is The Belvedere, an 18th century building which was built for Prince Eugene of Savoy. The palace has unbelievable architecture with an amazing attention to detail. Go there to see some amazing works of art, museum and gardens.

Secondly on the theme of museums there is also the Kunsthistorisches Museum which has hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. This museum is filled with fine art and works from famous artists.

The next place you must visit is St Stephen’s Cathedral, which is one of the most impressive cathedrals in all of Europe. It was built in the 12th century and has a timeless beauty to it.

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Bondi Beach
Travel | | 24. October, 2013

Australia is well known for it’s beaches and one of the most popular city beaches in the country is Bondi Beach. There have even been a few tv shows set in the picturesque location.

Bondi Beach is located 7km away from the Sydney and has beautiful golden sands and excellent waves for surfing all year round.  The beach is a tourist hot spot and gets visitors from all over the world visiting it. There is even a yearly pilgrimage from British tourists who come during the summer period.

There are a number of great activities that locals and tourists partake in in Bondi. The first obvious activity is swimming. The beach has a long stretch of golden sand and the water is a beautiful blue tinge. You can also go surfing in the water and waves are quite good all year round. Scuba diving is another popular activity in the area with many companies offering a great experience.

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Chain Reaction Cycles continues it expansion
Business | | 28. September, 2013

The world of cycling online retail is making it’s way into Australia and one of the biggest companies to make it’s push into Australia is Wiggle who are now well known in this region. Another company however, who has not been as well known in Australia but is actually bigger than Wiggle is Chain Reaction Cycles.

Chain Reaction Cycles achieved sales of over 136 million pounds this year and is continuing to grow. The company was actually founded by, and is still owned by, the Watson family and is considered to be the largest online bike store in the world at the moment. George and Janice Watson started the company in 1984 as a small bike store in the town of Ballynure in Northern Ireland.

The company quickly expanded and started to ship it’s products worldwide as online shopping started to take hold around the world. The company now gets over 1.5 million hits to it’s website every month and now is seen as a global force. There is often a CRC coupon available which will give you a discount off your purchase.

The Iconic lays off more staff
Business | | 21. September, 2013

One of the biggest meteoric rises in the online retail space has been The Iconic. The company has risen from nothing to the biggest name in online fashion retail in a couple of years. Founded in 2011, the company has reported a loss of approximately fourteen million dollars. The company has noted that many online businesses were not profitable for many years and the target for The Iconic to achieve profitability was much earlier.

The company offers a huge range of clothing and covers thousands of brands and has employed a method of offering great offers as well as free shipping and returns to attract customers to their website. The company also offers The Iconic coupons frequently to consumers which adds to the cost of customer acquisition.

Now that the company has achieved the brand awareness and popularity that it sacrificed profit for, it is now in a mode of trying to become a leaner, profitable company.

The company has attracted a lot of investment over it’s short time and the company is looking to reward those investors with a profit as soon as possible.



Billabong still treading water for now
Business | | 3. September, 2013

Billabong recently announced it results and it wasn’t pretty with the company’s results showing that the company was basically worthless. The company’s results included a massive 860 million dollar loss which was almost triple the loss of the previous year which came in at 275 million. To make matters worse for the company, sales have fallen 13.5%.

The main priority is for the company to initiate a recovery plan from the very deep hole that it is currently in. The company has seen another of takeover bids fail at the last hurdle and is now looking for new financing deals.

Although a majority of the company is performing poorly, there are a number of components of the business which dragged down the company more than others. One of these businesses is the European division of online only store SurfStitch. The Australian version of the store has done extremely well historically however there have been higher than expected start-up costs in Europe. Marketing methods such as offering customers a SurfStitch promo code and other sales have reduced revenue.

The company hopes that with the US gaining momentum in the economy, the company can trade itself into a better position.

Aussies get it’s own new collections
Business | | 3. September, 2013

Australian’s have traditionally gotten a raw deal when it comes to recycled fashion. Being on the other side of the world has meant that Australia’s seasons are opposite to the fashion centres of the world including London, the rest of Europe and the US. As a result, Australians have tended to get the leftovers from the northern hemisphere and have been treated rather unfairly in the fashion stakes.

In what looks like a promising sign for Australians and New Zealanders, it seems like some internet retailers are looking to give us a fair deal. is one of the fastest growing online fashion retailers in the world and they have made a commercial decision to initially launch their spring and summer lines in Australia first before releasing it to the rest of the world.

Retail giant ASOS is another company pushing towards that direction. ASOS have released a clothing line which is Australian only and have plans to release another line soon. ASOS is one of the most popular online shopping stores in Australia so this is a big deal for many shoppers.

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